Higher-Order Perl Errata

Which printing do you have?

There have been at least four printings of Higher-Order Perl. The first printing appeared in March 2005; the second printing appeared in August 2005. Different printings contain different errors. For example, many errors (most of them unimportant) from the first printing were corrected in the second printing. As far as I know nothing was corrected after the second printing; at least,the publisher did not ask me for further corrections

To decide which printing you have, look on page vi, the colophon page, which faces the dedication. At the bottom of the page, you will see a notice that says:

Printed in the United States of America
05 06 07 08 09 5 4 3 2 1

If so, you have a copy from the first printing. If the 1 at the end is missing, you have a copy from the second printing. If more numbers are missing, you have a later printing; the lowest number still present is the number of your printing.

If you downloaded the PDF that was posted on this web site on 9 December 2008, you have the second printing.

  1. Errata for the first printing by date by page by severity by contributor
  2. Errata for the second printing by date by page by severity by contributor

I suspect that there was a third printing, when the publisher rased the cover price from $59.95 to $75.95, but as I was not notified of this, if there is a third printing, it is probably identical to the second printing. If you have a third (or later) printing, please let me know.

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